Maggie grew up loving to read. She cannot remember a time when she did not know how to read. She inherited her love of reading from her paternal grandmother (her pen name is her grandmother’s maiden name) and her father. Her mother was a school teacher before she married. Since Maggie grew up on a ranch, libraries were not easily accessible. As a result, she read anything she could get her hands on, whether or not it was age appropriate. One summer a scarcity of reading material forced Maggie to read her mother’s set of encyclopedias.

Even though Maggie grew up during the sixties and early seventies, the sexual revolution passed her by without pausing. In retrospect, perhaps it was a boomerang and saved her for its return trip.

In 2009, the company with which she had been employed for over twenty years closed their regional office in Colorado. Like many others, she faced a long period of unemployment. She turned to writing.

One day while searching the Internet, Maggie found and entered flash fiction writing contests. After writing a light-hearted story about a husband and a wife trying to find time alone, someone told her about The Weekly Quickie, an erotica contest. She entered and won with her very first attempt. Maggie had found her niche, her genre. That first story, Tune Up, can be found on the Hot Flashes section of this website,

Maggie lives with her husband in rural Colorado. Her two children and three grandchildren live within 30 miles of her. She works part time for an insurance agent, happy to have left the stress and long commute of the corporate world behind her. When not writing, Maggie enjoys horseback riding, genealogical research, and playing World of Warcraft.

Curiosity is the lust of the mind.

Curiosity is the lust of the mind.