Maggie McCullough has held a strong appreciation for reading since she was young. She inherited her love of reading from her father and paternal grandmother (her pen name is her grandmother’s maiden name). Her mother was a schoolteacher prior to her marriage.

Growing up in rural South Dakota, Maggie did not have easy access to libraries. Because of this, she read any material she could get her hands on, regardless of its suitability. With a lack of reading material one summer, Maggie had no choice but to read her mother’s encyclopedia set.

After being employed for over 20 years, her company closed its Colorado regional office in 2009. Like many people, she faced a long period of unemployment. To address her need for productivity, Maggie turned to writing.

Maggie came across while browsing the web and took part in several flash fiction writing competitions. After writing a light-hearted story about a husband and a wife trying to find time alone, someone told her about The Weekly Quickie, an erotica contest. She entered and won with her very first attempt. Maggie had identified her specialty, her genre. You can access Tune Up, her first story, on the Hot Flashes page of Since then, she has published a novella, Shaken, a novel, Shaken Trust, and three short stories, Educating Rena, Sweet Caroline, and Rude Awakening.

Maggie and her husband, Mike, retired in 2016 and sold their horse property east of Denver, Colorado. Living in a 40 ft RV, they traveled for 15 months in Arizona and Texas. When her husband became deathly ill because of a gallstone blocking his pancreatic duct, they canceled all travel plans. Miraculously, he survived two surgeries and six months of recovery in the hospital in Tyler, Texas. They owe untold thanks to God, the surgeon, and the medical staff of Tyler.

After her husband recovered, they moved to the Black Hills of South Dakota to be near Maggie’s family. They have two children and three grandchildren. Maggie is currently writing several novels and short stories.

Apart from writing, Maggie has a passion for horseback riding, reading, genealogical research, and World of Warcraft. In March 2024, the couple will mark their 50th wedding anniversary.

Curiosity is the lust of the mind.

Curiosity is the lust of the mind.