Seize the Night

“I think that is the last glass of water those kids need. I hope they’ve settled down for the night.” Bruce hoisted two bottles of beer at Claire as he walked past the pool to the gazebo. “It’s time for us now.”

“Why don’t you join me?” Claire treaded water at the deep end of the pool.

“Maybe later.”

Bruce stood at the entrance to the gazebo watching Claire slice through the water with a dolphin’s grace. He loved how her body glistened in the muted light as she swam. He grew stiff thinking about her naked legs wrapped around his hips. He moved to a chaise lounge in the flowery shadows of the gazebo while his wife continued her workout.

Claire finished and rose from the pool, like a siren from the sea. Rivulets of water trickled down her slim body with a lover’s touch. She visibly shivered as her body chilled in the cool night air. To Bruce’s delight, her nipples sprung to an erect hardness. Claire picked up a nearby towel and proceeded to dry off.

“Claire, honey, I think you need warming up.” Bruce held out one arm. “Come to Daddy.” Primal awareness of his mate deepened the timbre of his voice.

Claire arched an eyebrow at Bruce and purred, “You already warm my heart, babe.”

“Mmmm, but the outside looks cold to me. Come here.” Bruce put down the beer and patted his lap.

Claire ceased toweling her hair and sauntered over to Bruce. She hesitated, stepped astride the chaise and leaned over him with her hands on his shoulders, causing her breasts to hang teasingly in front of his face. “Were you thinking of a hands on technique, my love?”

“For starters, babe, just for starters.” Bruce reached around and untied the strings of her bikini top and tossed it away. He embraced a breast with each hand and hoisted them as if to check their weight. Contrary to his earlier remarks, they hung hot and heavy in his hands. He flicked her pebbled nipples and heard Claire moan in response.

“I love your tits, babe…almost as much as I love you.” Bruce urged her closer and sucked one sensitive peak into his mouth and rolled the other between his forefinger and thumb. Claire whimpered at the conflicting sensations and thrust her breasts forward in silent supplication. He rewarded her efforts by nipping at one tip while pinching its twin.

“Just keep loving them,” Claire groaned in response. “Don’t stop,” she pleaded when his hand and mouth left her boobs.

Ignoring her plea, Bruce plucked at the ties on her bikini bottom until the miniscule piece of fabric dropped from her hips. Her ass, raised in the air like it was, proved to be too great a temptation for Bruce. He caressed each round globe before smacking them. Claire cried out at the sudden sting. The sound was loud in the still night.

“Ssshhh, the neighbors will hear.” He lowered one hand to stroke her pleasure center; she was hot, slick and wet. Claire moaned and bit her lip as she strove to be quiet.

“I want you, babe,” Claire panted.
“Claire, honey, you are my Eve, my Delilah, my Juliet.” Bruce stroked her pussy again and smiled as she lurched against his hand.

“I…need…you…inside…me,” Claire panted. “You talk too much.

Claire took the lead. She undid his belt and pushed down his jeans along with his silk boxers. As his cock was freed from its confines, it stood up and saluted her. She slid her finger down her body, dipped into her ambrosia and offered the nectar to Bruce to taste. Holding his cock still, she lowered herself until her heated pussy barely touched the sensitive tip.

“How much?” Claire sank about an inch. “Is this enough?”

“More, I need more.” Bruce bucked up in an attempt to penetrate her further.

Claire lowered herself a bit further on his shaft. “How about this? Is this all you need?” Claire gyrated her hips one rotation to the left.

Now Bruce was the one trying to be quiet. He groaned and grabbed her hips. She swatted his hands away. His cock pulsed with a wild urgency. His balls tightened, prepared to do their duty. He arched upwards toward her heat and slapped her ass again. Claire whimpered and circled her hips again, this time to the right.

“Claire, sweetie…fuck, that feels good. Give me that pussy.”

Claire impaled herself fully upon Bruce. “Now…I have…all of you.”  She rocked her hips back and forth, breathing hard, sliding her slick pussy against his cock. He grunted and raised his hips. Her arousal coated his tortured cock and saturated his balls; it was all he could do not to come.

She leaned forward, her full breasts bobbing in front of him, her nipples pebbled and extended. Bruce rose on his elbows and latched onto a nipple with his mouth.

Sucked. Chewed.

Claire whimpered. Arched her back. Increased her tempo. She shuddered as her pussy rippled and vibrated with the onset of her orgasm.

Bruce moved to the neglected nipple. He sucked hard. Once. That did it. Claire cried out his name as her body convulsed with spasm after spasm of glorious release.

Claire’s mewling fired his lust to the breaking point.  His cock jerked again and again as he spurted his essence into Claire. His hips twitched and shook as Claire took all he had to give.

Bruce nestled Claire in his arms as their bodies settled. “I love you, Claire, honey,” he whispered.


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