Dark Surrender

The tiny hairs on the back of her neck stood on end; goose bumps rose and fled down her body. Moira shivered. Someone was watching. Her skin prickled with eerie foreboding.

Moira supposed it was her attire causing her unease. The sales lady was adamant she had the perfect body to pose as the full-figured Elvira. So here she stood, neckline cut damn near down to her waist with a corresponding slit up one side of her skirt, revealing her entire leg. A teased beehive wig completed the transformation.

No one would recognize her tonight; she didn’t recognize herself. Gone were the baggy t-shirt and jeans she usually wore to hide her curves. Moira tugged at the figure-hugging skirt, uncomfortable with the tight fit.

She tried to shake off the chilling anxiety. Given that the Halloween party had attracted over a hundred guests, it was only natural someone might be watching her.

No doubt someone hoped to see a costume malfunction before the night was over. She stole a quick glance at her neckline.

A quick circuit of the room failed to pinpoint any one paying undue attention. Yet Moira felt on edge…as if she was expecting…waiting…for something to happen. She felt a bit flushed and warm; maybe some fresh air would help.

The sliding glass door to the deck was open. She stepped outside and stood at the railing overlooking the lower level. It was better out here. Brightly colored lanterns set throughout the yard created a pleasant ambiance.

“Don’t turn around…stay right there.” The low masculine rumble had her attention. She started to turn. A firm hand grasped her shoulder. “No. Don’t. I want to admire the view.”

“And just what do you find so admirable about it?” Moira concentrated on the tingle emanating from his hand on her shoulder. A strange exhilaration overtook her.

“Allow me.” His request was made in a husky whisper at her ear. The man gathered up her fake hair and placed it over the opposite shoulder. He stepped closer.

“You have a lovely neck…so pale against your hair and gown. The artery in your throat pulses with each beat. Your heart pounds with desire…with passion.”

It must be one of the men dressed as Dracula; there had to be at least three at the party. She had to give him brownie points for staying in character. Moira smiled; a little role playing would be fun.

She trembled as he placed his lips at that sensitive spot where her neck and shoulder met. A frisson of desire jettisoned from his lips to the juncture between her thighs. Her nipples took notice and revealed their pointed approval of this new game. A soft murmur and slight tilt of her head in the opposite direction implied he had permission to continue.

His mouth continued upwards until it rested behind her ear. Moira could feel his moist breath on her delicate skin. He licked the hypersensitive hollow beneath her ear lobe. She moaned and shuddered anew at the delicious sensation.

“Come with me.”

There was a hypnotic quality to his voice that Moira found alluring. She followed him down to the lower deck near an area semi-obscured by the darkness and the foliage. The glow from a nearby lantern cast enough illumination for her to distinguish an attractive, albeit unsettling, countenance on the man who waited there.

He led her deeper into the darkness, turned her to face the brick wall and stood behind her again.

“You are such a lovely Elvira,” he crooned. “Your throat begs to be kissed and nibbled.”

His hands traced the rounded curves of her hip and buttocks. “Your ass is made for a man’s hands …so round…so firm.”

Moira couldn’t believe her ears. He actually liked her butt. Maybe that sales lady was right after all.

His hands moved upward to cup her breasts through the thin fabric of her dress. “And these…so magnificent … so delectable.”

Now was the time to say the role play had gone far enough. Moira opened her mouth to protest but never uttered the words. Instead, she leaned back against him and tilted her head to the side. There would be regrets come morning but she would surrender to whatever pleasure awaited her tonight.

Her breath caught in her throat when one of his hands found the bare flesh of her exposed leg…and…oh, God…inched forward to cup her mound. Moira whimpered and arched upward, seeking a more intimate touch. He brushed aside the flimsy protection of her thong and drew one finger through her slick folds.

Tongues of searing desire licked up her unresisting body with ravenous greed, enticing Moira headlong down the path to the ultimate pleasure her hungry flesh demanded.

He pulled her tightly against the proof of his arousal. Her head lolled back on his shoulder as her torso pressed forward; her breasts heavy and swollen in one of his hands, her feminine core clasped in molten welcome of the other.

Moira offered no resistance against his triple assault. His mouth was at her throat once more, licking and nipping as his hands stroked her to a fevered frenzy.

One last flick of her straining clit sent her soaring in ecstatic rapture. She scarcely felt the twin punctures at her neck as she convulsed in his arms.

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