Wild Oats

A phony smile concealing his boredom, Scott feigned interest in his date’s incessant yammering. Maybe he could convince himself that the hour glass figure poured into the tight print dress made up for the noise pollution.

That and the fact that Dina could suck the chrome from a trailer hitch.

He grew hard thinking about the previous night, her blond head bobbing up and down on his lap, her tongue twirling around his appreciative flesh. They had been in his truck heading up I-25 to Wyoming; she had been droning on about how long it was taking to get to Cheyenne.

He had unzipped his jeans and told her to have at it.

The added benefit was she couldn’t talk with a mouth full of cock.

A genuine grin lit his face as he wondered which was more enjoyable, getting his rocks off or the silence.

Out of the corner of his eye…a flash of red…a glimpse of long dark hair. Where’d it go? His eyes scanned the milling partygoers, hoping without any real hope that it was Lisa.

“Excuse me,” he said to Dina. “I see someone I need to speak with. I’ll be right back.”

She wasn’t at the beer cooler or in the barbecue line. Had she left already? No. There she was, over by the lilac bushes with a plate of food.

Damn if she wasn’t wearing the little red sundress he bought her before they split.

Now was his chance. He headed her way.

“Hello, Lisa.”

“Hi, Scott. It’s nice to see you.”

Her warm smile woke his dormant lust that never was far from the surface. A little boldness would be all that was needed.

Lisa continued, “I heard you were going to be here.”

And you wore that little red dress on purpose? His chance of getting his rocks off this evening had just increased.

“Who told you that?” He stepped a bit closer to Lisa. She didn’t shy away.

“Billy Ray. I bet he thinks we’ll get back together.” Lisa smiled when she said it.

Perhaps it sounded like a good idea to her. Too bad his idea of getting together was different than hers. Too bad for her.

“Nah, he probably just wants to put the moves on Dina.”

Scott had a scheme of his own in mind, one that didn’t involve Dina or Billy Ray.

“Look.” Lisa pointed across the lawn toward the house. “You’re right. Billy Ray is over there talking to Dina right now. You’d better get over there and protect what’s yours.”

“She’s not mine. He’s welcome to her.” It was time to turn on the charm. “She has no claim on me.”

He led Lisa behind a nearby hedge of fragrant lilac bushes. They were completely hidden from the rest of the guests there.

As he tilted her chin up to look at her, he purred. “I’m glad to see you, baby.”

“Did you miss me, Scott?”

Scott almost felt guilty at the hopeful expression in her eyes. Almost, but not quite.

He traced the low neckline of her dress with his thumb, heard her deep inhalation.

“You know what I miss the most, baby?” He traced her lips with his thumb.

Lisa patted his rodeo buckle and grinned. “I bet I can guess.”

Scott lowered his voice as he whispered in her ear, “No one does it like you, baby.”

His cock stirred and stretched as if it knew what was waiting.

With practiced ease, she unzipped his jeans and liberated his cock from the confining denim. His tumescent appendage jutted from his pants, eager, ready and willing to do its duty.

Lisa took his long length in both hands and stroked him to full rigidity. Her hands were warm and smooth as she fondled him.

Scott moaned in anticipation. He would never tire of this, not even if he lived to one hundred.

Lisa sank to her knees. He watched as her rosy lips parted, moved forward, hovered over the edge of his surging erection. He felt her breath moist and delicate against his throbbing cock.

Her little pink tongue darted out and began to circle the swollen head. She took him in her mouth, very slow…very deep…long sinuous strokes that grazed his entire length.

He snatched up her long hair in his fists and yanked her forward until he could feel the back of her throat against his flesh. His cock surged with unexpected fervor, made him pant and moan with the addicting pleasure he needed.

“Fuck, baby, that feels good.” Scott thrust deep in her mouth. “Faster, baby.”

His blood pounded hotly in his cock, in his head, in his whole body. Delicious waves of power crashed over him in a warm embrace. Jolts of liquid fire raced through his cock. He came, spurting, seemingly without end, down her throat until she milked him dry.

“Mmmm, thank you, baby.” Scott tucked himself back in his jeans. “Call me some time and we’ll do this again.”

Scott left her kneeling on the ground, her hair and dress in disarray, while he went in search of another buckle bunny.

Damn, it was good to be a champion bull rider.

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