Camping 101

Left. Right. Left. Right. The military marching cadence reverberated in Kyle’s mind while he watched the ass of his girlfriend as she hiked up the mountain trail ahead of him. Now there was a scenic view! Her backpack obscured her upper half but did nothing to hide a pair of long tanned legs and a round behind barely contained in her snug hiking shorts.

“Are you listening to me?” Ashley stopped and turned around, providing him with a vision of her ample breasts, straining to be free. His hands itched just thinking about aiding and abetting their escape.
“Who…what? Did you say something?” Kyle stalled. “Sorry, I was concentrating on the scenery.”

“I said is this really the first time you’ve been camping?”

“My Boy Scout troop camped out in the city park overnight when I was about nine.”

Ashley snickered. “That’s not camping.” She turned and headed back up the trail again.

“What do you expect? I grew up in Detroit, not Colorado.” Kyle resumed his previous activity of watching her curvy ass. Left. Right. Left. Right.

A half hour later, they reached a small clearing with a fire pit. Ashley shrugged out of her pack and Kyle did the same.

“Did you learn how to pitch a tent in Detroit?” Ashley lugged a canvas bag to a level spot. “Or do I need to do it?”

“I can manage—I’m not completely useless.” After all, how hard could it be to put up a tent?

“I’ll look for firewood while you put the tent together.” She disappeared in to the aspen grove.

Forty-five minutes and several dozen expletives later, Kyle had the tent up. By time he finished, Ashley had started a fire and was cooking up something good smelling. It wasn’t long before they were eating a meal of canned stew and biscuits. Darkness descended rapidly. Elk could be heard bugling in the distance. Crickets and fireflies kept them company as they sat by the fire, roasting marshmallows and taking turns inflating the air mattress.

Ashley hauled the mattress in the tent and covered it with their double sleeping bag. The glow from her flashlight cast her curvaceous silhouette on the tent fabric. Kyle watched with interest as she undid the laces on her boots and removed them. Next were those tantalizing hiking shorts. His cock stiffened as she pulled her t-shirt over her head and removed her bra.

“Are you going to join me? Or should I put my clothes back on to keep warm?”

Kyle doused the fire and crawled into the tent. It took him about ten seconds to get rid of his clothes and slip into the sleeping bag with the naked Ashley.

“Mmmm, you have it all nice and warm in here now,” he murmured, snuggling up against her welcoming body. The small tent and confining sleeping bag made the mood more intimate, more private, than their bedroom. Kyle ran his hand down the length of her body, from her shoulder past the temptation of her breasts, dipping down her waist and curving over her full hips. He was already hard as a rock.

Ashley nipped at his shoulder. Kyle held her close against his groin, his hands gripping those ass cheeks that he had been ogling earlier. He felt her muscles flexing in response to his kneading and heard Ashley moan low in his ear. He grasped her firmly and flipped her on top of him. She leaned forward, teasing his lips with her tongue and his chest with the hard pebbles of her nipples. Her hair fell like a curtain around his face. He opened his mouth to allow entrance and captured her tongue, sucking on it.

He urged her higher on his body until her boobs hung in his face. She giggled as he held them together and motor boated between them. Giggles became moans as he took one peak and then the other in his mouth, taking turns sucking and nipping on the extended nipples. She moved her hips back and forth, teasing his rock hard cock with her soft pussy hair. She shifted until he could feel the slickness of her arousal as she slid up and down his shaft.

His hands returned to grip her buttocks, opening and closing them in concert with her movement, continuing to nibble on her nipples. Her breathing became pants. He reached down with one hand and inserted a finger in her dripping canal. It clutched and clung to his finger as if trying to draw it in. Her hips moved faster and faster, sliding freely over his straining cock. Soft oh-oh-oh sounds escaped her lips. She shifted again and impaled herself on his cock. One stroke, then a second and she threw her head back and cried out in glorious abandon. Her hips practically vibrated as she eked out every tremor of her orgasm. Kyle grunted and spurted soon thereafter.

He rolled her over and off the mattress onto the side of the tent. It collapsed around them as they clung together in mutual exhaustion.

“I thought you said you knew how to put up a tent,” Ashley chided, holding him close.

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