In Over Her Head

Anne stared at her reflection in the wine glass, swirling the pale liquid, wishing she could dispel her thoughts of her one night with Evan. She shook her head. What had possessed her to have sex with someone she just met? Two weeks later and she still couldn’t get that hunky cowboy out of her head or her dreams.

She had almost dozed off when her cell phone vibrated, signaling the arrival of a text message. Who would be texting her this late on a Thursday night? She clicked on the text icon.

I’m disappointed you haven’t been back to see how I use those scarves.

Anne dropped the phone as if it had come to life in her hands. It had to be Evan. How did he get her number? Her breath caught. She picked up the phone and stole a quick glance at the message. It hadn’t changed. Oh, god, now what?

She jumped as the phone buzzed again. Another text scrolled up.

Perhaps I’ll use one of the scarves to blindfold you.

Liquid warmth pooled in her center. The thought of wearing a silky blindfold had her breathless and dizzy.


Have you ever been blindfolded before?

Oh, god. Her heart was beating like a jackhammer. Did she dare reply? Did she dare not? She typed in a hesitant no.

No, what?

Anne rolled her eyes. Good thing he couldn’t see her.

No, Evan.

That’s my girl. You remembered.

How did you get my number?

I have my ways. And now you have my number. Call me.

Anne stared at his demand. Her brain said to turn off the phone and ignore his directive. Her rebellious libido said if you don’t call him, you’ll always wonder what you missed. Her breathing quickened. Her body was telling her what it wanted.


Call me…now.

Fingers shaking, Anne pushed the CALL button.

She held her breath. It rang once…twice. Maybe he wouldn’t answer. Would she be disappointed or relieved if he didn’t?

“That’s my girl. You did well, Annie.”

“H-hello.” Sheesh, her voice was as shaky as her fingers. Maybe it was time to go on the offensive. “Are you stalking me?” She was pleased with how strong her voice sounded. She wouldn’t let him intimidate her.

“Would you like me to stalk you?”

His velvety purr sent a shiver through her. He didn’t seem in the least put off by her accusation. Anne was speechless. What did one say to that?

“Anne, I asked you a question. Would you like me to stalk you?”

“Of course not.” Indignity laced her words. “No one wants to be stalked, Evan.”

“I would stalk you only if it gave you pleasure. I just want to pleasure you, Annie.”

Heat blossomed in her cheeks. Had someone turned up the thermostat in her bedroom? Anne fanned herself and took a deep breath.

His voice lowered. “Have you had anyone devote himself to your pleasure?”

How she wanted to be able to tell him yes. But, “No…not like you.”

“That pleases me, Anne. It pleases me very much.”

She basked in his approval and couldn’t help but smile.

“Are you at home, Anne?”

“Yes. I’m getting ready for bed.” There. That should give him something to think about.

“In your bedroom?”

“That’s where my bed is.” She wondered how he would roll with the bit of sass she put in her voice. He wasn’t the only one who could tease.

“I see you are a bit impertinent when you aren’t wet and bedraggled.” His voice deepened suggestively. “I’ll have to remember that when I get you blindfolded…and tied.”

He wanted to blindfold and tie her up? Anne took an unsteady breath and went on the offensive. “Would you like to see me tied, Evan?” Would he think her comment too brazen?

“Hell, yes…blindfolded, bound, naked and pleading to come.” Evan paused. “Do you think you could find my place again?”

As if I could forget.

“Probably not. The night was dark and raining, remember?”

“But not when you left the next morning.”

“Guess I had other things on my mind.” Her deliberate nonchalance should deflate his ego a bit.

“Oh, really? What was going through that pretty head of yours?” The growl in his voice sent tremors down her spine. “Were you thinking of scarves?”

You know I was.

Evan persisted, “Or of being pinned against the wall, gasping and quivering in my hands?”

Guilty as charged.

“Or how you came apart in my mouth on the stairs?”

I’ll remember that as long as I live.

Even now her breasts hung heavy and swollen; her nipples were little points against the fabric of her nightie. She squeezed her thighs together in an attempt to alleviate the achiness at their juncture.

“Which did you ponder the most, Anne? My cock or my mouth?”

Anne managed to croak out, “N-neither.”

“Liar.” He voice became stern. “Don’t lie to me, Anne.” He continued, “Tomorrow night …my place…8:00…I expect you to be here.”

Evan disconnected. Anne stared at the phone.

She was so in over her head.


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