After Hours

“Get me something for a headache, will you, Pene? This stupid migraine is kicking my butt.”

It had been a stress-filled day but after working nonstop all afternoon and into the late evening, the proposal was completed. Her executive assistant, Penelope, had stayed after hours to help.

Jill leaned back in her chair, feet propped on the desk, eyes shut, rubbing her temples.

“You just need to slow down and unwind.” Pene sat on the desk and removed Jill’s pumps, massaging each foot as she did so.

“What are you doing?”

“Helping you with that migraine.” Pene slid off the desk to move behind Jill. She pulled a few pins from Jill’s hair and shook it loose.

Jill sat up to object but Pene pressed her back and purred, “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

Tonight there was a raw sensuality about Pene that reminded Jill of a stalking panther. “Are you going to…?” Jill was sure she knew the answer to her question.

“Just sit back and relax. You need to loosen up and let go.”

“I’m not sure I should.”

“Shush.” Pene silenced Jill with a finger to her parted lips. “We won’t do anything you don’t want.”

Pene began working Jill’s tight muscles. As the tension left Jill’s shoulders, Pene lengthened the strokes to include her employer’s arms. Pene’s hands were warm and languorous through the smooth silk of Jill’s blouse. Jill closed her eyes and concentrated on the heat emanating from Pene’s fingers.

The boundary between supervisor and subordinate blurred and faded. Jill could feel her stresses and worries dissipate as she surrendered to Pene’s touch.

She felt as if her body was awakening from a long hibernation.

Her nipples tingled and stiffened.

Her breathing slowed and deepened.

A steady throb emanated from her core.

There was no hope of hiding her arousal from Pene…not that she wanted to.

It became all about the moment. Tomorrow be damned.

Pene caressed her throat, traced seductive patterns on her collar bone and inched lower. Jill caught her breath; she arched her back and moaned as those teasing fingers massaged the upper lobes of her breasts.

“Oh, god, that feels so good.”

She opened her eyes when Pene rolled the chair back from the desk and knelt in front of her. Pene’s eyes were filled with intense longing and something else…they asked a silent question which required an answer. Jill nodded…capitulated…surrendered herself to Pene’s ministrations.

Pene unbuttoned Jill’s blouse, pausing to kiss the revealed flesh. Pene pushed the silk apart and discovered the sheer white lace encasing Jill’s breasts.

“So beautiful…just like I imagined they would be.”

Jill gasped as Pene laved her nipples through the lace, and then nipped them with her teeth, a delicious erotic surprise.

“Ah, yes, please. Suck them.”

She watched Pene lift each swollen globe from their lacy confinement and expose her aching breasts. Pene’s voracious mouth fastened on one rock hard nipple, then the other. She chewed and sucked, lavishing attention on both peaks until Jill was whimpering and trembling with need.

Pene’s soft hands moved underneath her skirt and coaxed her panties down…then on to her inner thighs, urging her legs apart. Pene lifted one of Jill’s legs, hooked it over the arm of the chair and did the same with the other.

Jill could feel the cool air on her heated flesh above the nylon stockings. She lay there, half reclining in her office chair, legs spread-eagled and her breasts flaunted openly.

Pene’s hands were still on her inner thighs, stroking and teasing as they crept upward toward Jill’s center. Jill writhed in unembarrassed abandon, giving herself up to the wanton sensations between her legs.

Her pussy was exposed in all its succulent glory, displayed like some exotic tropical flower. The distinct aroma of her arousal teased both women.

“I’ve had fantasies of you sitting in your chair like this…legs spread wide. I’ve wondered how you would taste.”

Jill’s hips bucked upward as Pene’s wet tongue reach out for a quick sampling.

“Oh, yes.” Jill moaned impatiently. She trembled with a desperate craving for that pouting mouth on her throbbing nub.

Pene’s hot breath against her sensitive core signaled her return to Jill’s pussy. Jill jerked as the brunette’s tongue began to stroke up and down her slick pink parts. She thrust upward, trying to get Pene’s tongue on her clit.

So close, yet so far.

Pene held her tongue motionless right on that pleasure spot. Jill breathed in short, rapid gasps, responding to the yearning deep inside.

“Oh, my god, suck it. Make me come.” Pene settled her lips around the pulsing clit, and sucked. Jill grasped the arms of the chair to hoist herself higher.

A hunger coursed through her that wouldn’t be denied.

Ripples of desire pulsed from deep inside.

Her toes curled as she convulsed in ecstatic release.

“Oh my God…oh my God,” Jill chanted to herself as she convulsed and shuddered in lewd delight.

The migraine was gone and forgotten.

Pene rose and regarded her boss with smug satisfaction. She would taste Jill again and soon.

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