Disturbing the Peace

Loud, insistent rapping on the front door managed to make itself heard above the loud music at Kelly’s party.

Someone yelled at her. “Hey, Kelly, there’s someone at the door.”

Kelly made her way through the room, drink in hand. “Well, they’d better have brought their own booze,” she said, giggling as she opened the door.

Her laughter trailed off as she saw the drop-dead gorgeous hunk standing on her front porch. Tall, close-cropped hair, piercing gray eyes, nice biceps and a cute ass; he could have been an exotic dancer. His name was Jim and he lived next door. He was also a cop – a detective to be specific – but one who seemed blind to her obvious attraction to him.

“Umm, I don’t recall inviting you to my party.” But then, cops don’t need invitations.

Kelly took another sip of the concoction in her hand and noticed his eyes travel up and down her body. Perhaps he wasn’t as immune to her as she thought. His once over sent erotic jolts racing through her body. Hope blossomed.

“Kelly, you guys need to tone it down before someone calls the police.”

The disapproving scowl on his face said it all. She would bet money he was the only neighbor complaining.

She pointed a tipsy finger at him. “You are the police. You came, you warned, now go away.”

Kelly dismissed him with a wave of her hand and shut the door in his face. She resisted the urge to smile.

The door slammed opened behind her. Jim stepped in. Even in her liquor-bemused state of mind, Kelly could see he was upset. Mad. In fact, he was mighty pissed. So far, so good.

“Kelly, you know I can’t do that.” His muscular arms were folded across a very broad chest, his expression stony as Mount Rushmore.

“Is this guy bothering you, Kelly?” Her friend, Bob, came up, glared at Jim. “I think the lady asked you to leave.” He stepped in front of Kelly.

Jim stiffened, reached into his back pocket and produced a badge. His voice was pure hardened steel as he spoke to Bob. “Sir, you need to move back. You are interfering with the duties of a police officer.”

He took an authoritative step forward. Bob decided discretion was indeed the better part of valor and retreated.

By now, Kelly and Jim were the undivided center of attention. Oh, this was proceeding better than she thought. She held both arms straight out in front of her and said, in her best drama queen voice, “Are you going to arrest me, officer?” She turned her head to the side and winked at her audience.

Kelly smiled with satisfaction as she felt cold steel snap around one wrist. Before she could blink, Jim whirled her around and handcuffed the other hand with the first, behind her back.

“Alright, everyone, the party’s over.” His foreboding countenance prevented outright arguing with him but several guests did ask Kelly if she’d be alright and she nodded a sheepish affirmative. In seconds, everyone was gone.

“Don’t you think this was a little unnecessary? What did I do?” Oh, if only he knew the lengths she would go to get this man’s attention.

“How about disturbing the peace for starters?” He pulled Kelly close to him. She shivered as he whispered in her ear. “You’ve been disturbing my peace of mind ever since I moved next door to you.”

Jim pulled her close to his hard, unyielding body. His hot breath tickled and tantalized her neck. Her nipples puckered instantly, tightening into hard little pebbles. Kelly felt a current of excitement she had never experienced before.

She turned her head and their mouths met in a searing kiss. His hands reached under her t-shirt to palm her aching breasts…released them from their lacey confinement…tugged at her straining nipples. Kelly moaned and wriggled in wanton abandon. Every nerve in her body was on fire for him.

She whimpered in protest as his hands left her breasts to lower her face first over the back of her sofa. He began stroking her thighs softly, pushing her skirt higher and higher. She squirmed, inching her legs further and further apart, urging him to touch her heated core. The ravenous need inside was becoming unbearable.

“Ahhh,” she cried out as his probing finger delved underneath her panties and slid into her slick wetness. He was driving her crazy with his soft, stroking fingers. She squirmed with impatience as he slowly removed the lacey fabric; heard him unbuckle and unzip his jeans. She couldn’t help but lick her lips at what was to come.

The aching, throbbing need inside her was filled as his huge cock pierced her from behind. One thrust and her orgasm burst with a shower of sparks. Deep spasms rocked her body from head to toe. He kept pumping as she absorbed every thrilling contraction. He grabbed her hips and thrust one final time as he spurted inside.

Panting and gulping for air, Kelly managed to inquire, “Why don’t you remove these handcuffs and we’ll see what other law we can break?”

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