Words, Wine, and Feelin’ Fine

Serena stopped typing and pushed back from her desk.

Phew…4869 words. Her back had gone past nagging and into full screaming mode after four hours of non-stop writing. It was time to quit for the night. Or was it morning? No matter. There was no one to complain; she lived alone.

Serena loved the frantic pace of the NaNoWriMo race to the finish, although some days the physical strain didn’t seem worth it. Today fell into that category. Her shoulders and neck ached from hunching over her laptop. One foot had fallen asleep after being tucked under her butt as she typed.

Ergonomics…who does that? Certainly no one in the midst of a NaNo sprint.

Rising from her chair, Serena arched her back and stretched. Shoulder rotations and neck flexes helped. During a series of slow leg squats, she noticed a different type of ache. This discomfort had nothing to do with seating position and everything to do with the words she had been writing.

Her bath beckoned, whispering her name with seductive promises of hot water and lilac-scented bubbles.

Fifteen minutes later she parted the bubbles to tease the water with her toe.


Off went her oversized tee and panties. Serena gathered her dark hair up in a relaxed knot atop her head. She glanced in the mirror. The warm humidity from the bathwater formed loose curls enticingly around her face and added color to her cheeks.

Serena slipped in to the steamy depths of tub, reveling in the therapeutic effect of the heat on her tired muscles.

She loved immersing herself in baths. Nothing worked better to calm the day’s troubles than flickering candle flames in a darkened room. Candles of various sizes and floral scents were placed against the far wall of the tub. A bottle of chardonnay had been sampled and a glass awaited her pleasure within arm’s reach.

Reclining against the sloped end with her head resting on the tub edge, Serena closed her eyes to absorb the sensual ambiance created by the sultry blues music she loved. She took deep, slow breaths and concentrated on relaxing.

Her mind drifted to the erotic prose she had written earlier. The chardonnay enhanced her delightful glow and kindled her sensual reflections.

She lifted her breasts in both hands and offered them to him. He ran his tongue over the areola of one breast, then the other, teasing…nipping…rasping.

Her languid gaze rested on her ample breasts bobbing in the water. The rosy nipples peeking through the bubbles resurrected the libidinous appetite her words had ignited. Serena smoothed the bubbles away from each breast and was rewarded with the pebbling of her nipples.

The cool air of the room teased the wet peaks into stiffening further.

Her breasts grew heavy, the nipples tingling with an invitation…a need…she couldn’t resist.

She picked up the newly-opened bar of lilac-scented soap and lathered her hands. Her breasts were next. The soap fell unheeded into the bath water.

Serena moaned.

Her head lolled back.

She closed her eyes to best savor the salacious thrills.

He had a breast in each hand, pulling.. kneading…massaging. She was breathing hard, emitting soft mews, her eyes closed while he continued his delicious tonguing, still avoiding the erect tips.

Serena maintained the relentless assault on her nipples, all the while picturing the suckling of a man’s hungry mouth.

Her wanton whimpers spurred her on.

Delicious tremors rippled down her abdomen and triggered an involuntary clenching of her loins.

She moved to straddle his hips. With a minimal amount of squirming, she had his turgid flesh between her labia, enveloped in her slick heat, the head of his cock nudging against her clit.

Serena downed the chardonnay in a single gulp.

She fumbled for the soap bar to assuage the ache at the juncture of her thighs.

Eyes closed once more, she spread her knees on the sides of the tub…arched her back…slid the bar of soap between her folds.

She tentatively pumped her hips forward; a powerful shudder of erotic pleasure rippled through her flesh. Splaying her knees wider increased the pressure on her sodden soft parts.

The bar of soap slipped smooth and slick through her heated flesh. She took care to avoid her clit, pressing the oval tip at her opening before moving it upward.

Her legs started to tremble from the effort of holding her hips upward.

The sloshing water caressed her straining nipples and belly with each teasing wave.

Do you want more?” He inserted a finger in her eager opening. “Or do you want my cock?”

She needed to come…needed it in the worst way. She dropped the soap.

Her fingers moved to where the need was so desperate. Her hips jerked with exultation.

Her entire being centered on that protruding.. throbbing…pulsating…pleasure nub.

One stroke and she sensed her release was imminent.

Her toes convulsed.

Her nipples stabbed at the air.

Ravenous tremors clutched at her empty void.

Her hand moved faster.

Voracious tentacles of lust grasped the all-consuming flames and yanked them back to her clit.

The fire grew until it had nowhere to go but erupt through her shuddering nub.

Her ecstatic cries and whimpers echoed off the ceramic tiles until she settled.


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