Steamy Windows

The night was dark and stormy with temperatures below freezing. A heavy snow was falling. Lisa was determined to surprise her husband tonight with a special gift for their anniversary. Fate seemed intent on thwarting her plans. Bill’s employer hadn’t cooperated—he scheduled Bill to work the night shift the entire week. And now this spring storm had descended on their area, causing all the streets to be snow-packed and icy.

Lisa had texted Bill earlier with a request for him to meet her out in the parking lot on his lunch break. Perhaps this storm would end up being a blessing. The lot appeared to be deserted except for a few cars close to the building. Lisa had parked in a remote location and watched for Bill to exit the building.

Do I really have the nerve to go through with this, Lisa thought as she waited for her husband to show up, or will I chicken out? When she saw Bill, Lisa honked the horn and flashed her lights so he could see where she parked. It was now or never.

As Bill approached the car, Lisa opened the door and stepped out. She had taken great pains with her appearance tonight—her makeup was flawless, her inky black tresses tumbled enticingly about the shoulders of her faux fur coat and the four-inch heels set off her slender ankles and calves.

“Why are you parked…Wow!” Bill stopped suddenly and grinned. “You look great.”

“Happy Anniversary, honey.” Lisa smiled broadly and opened the front of her fur coat. Bill’s eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw her attire.  Opaque black stockings embraced long legs until mid-thigh where they were captured and held by black lace garters. A black lace bra and matching thong attempted to cover her feminine parts.

Lisa stepped up to Bill, unzipped his coat and snuggled close. She reached up to run her hands through his hair and pulled his head down for a kiss; a kiss which started out soft and sweet soon became hot and hungry. His tongue sought entrance to her mouth, searching and tangling with hers. She felt him stiffen against her bare stomach as she teased him with her hips.

“Do you think we can still steam up the car windows like we did when we were teenagers?” Lisa murmured against Bill’s ear.

“Baby, as hot as you are tonight, we’d do more than steam up the windows—you would melt the snow off the roof.”

Lisa unbuttoned Bill’s shirt. “I need your warmth against me.” Her nipples, through the sheer lace of her bra, were erect and hard against Bill’s bare chest. His hands trailed down her spine until they reached her bottom. Grabbing each cheek, Bill hoisted Lisa up to rub her femininity against his cock. She moaned in his ear and bit the lobe before wrapping her legs around his waist.

“Perhaps we should get in the car, babe.” She snuggled closer. “Or do you plan on ravishing me out here in the snow?”

Bill hastily opened the door to the back seat and pulled Lisa in after him. She shrugged off her coat and crouched between Bill’s legs, kissing his mouth and neck while her hands were busy with his belt buckle and zipper. She moaned when Bill’s hands found her breasts and lifted them out of the bra. After freeing his cock from its confinement, she lowered her head until she could reach out and taste him with her tongue. His hips jerked upward as her tongue swirled around the head.

“Do you like that, babe?” she purred. “Would you like more?”

“God, yes, baby,” Bill growled. He ran his hands through her tousled hair and pushed the lengths off to one side.  A jolt of lust raced through his body at the sight of her scarlet lips and ebony hair against his manhood.

Lisa went to work on his cock like it was a lollipop, licking one side and then the other, her dark eyes peering up at him as she did so. She shifted a bit in order to grip his shaft with one hand and fondle his balls with the other, while continuing to slather his swollen knob with her saliva.

Lisa set to mouthing Bill in the rhythm she knew he liked. Very slow…very deep…up and down, twisting her head in slow sinuous strokes guaranteed to drive him mad. Her lips and tongue closed around his erection, sucking him violently, daring him to come. Lisa felt him pulse and twitch in her mouth. He bucked up, impaled himself deep, and spurted his hot essence down her throat while she swallowed hurriedly. Lisa released his spent cock and delicately licked her lips, a satisfied smile on her face.

“Oh, god, babe. That was the best present ever.” Bill pulled his pants up. “I have to get back to work.” They left the back seat and stood outside the car with the snow dusting their hair.

“Babe, you got your wish.” Bill pointed at the car. “Look.”

Lisa’s laugh tinkled in the cold night air. Sure enough, every window in the car was steamed over.

She got behind the wheel and Bill headed across the parking lot.

“Hey, babe,” Lisa called. “You forgot your lunch!”

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