Play Me

Melanie eyed her ex-lover from the other side of the room. Troy was up to his old tricks, if she were to judge by the hot blonde gazing up at him.

Why can’t I get over him? Why does it have to be him that makes me melt inside?

Troy had looked at her like that once. More than once. Unfortunately, for Melanie, his passion had flamed bright and died. Suffocated, he said. He likened himself to a hummingbird, meant to flit from flower to flower, sipping its nectar before buzzing on to the next blossom.

Her passion for Troy hadn’t waned. Her desire for him lay dormant, ready to ignite and blaze hot again. She waited for him…for the infrequent times he sought playtime with her.

I should refuse him but I’m weak. I shouldn’t seek him out but I do. I want to be strong but my resolve slips when I’m alone. Will he want to taste my nectar tonight?

Troy whispered in the blonde’s ear and punctuated his remarks with a nip at her neck. Melanie shivered; her nipples tingled and tightened. She wanted his lips on her neck. If she hoped to be making it with Troy tonight, she’d better move in before the blonde did.

Melanie made her way to Troy. “Hello, Troy.”

The blonde was as beautiful close up as she was from across the room. She was taller than Melanie with an athletic build. Despite constantly dieting, Melanie’s curves managed to stay lush and full, much to her chagrin.

“Oh, hi, Melanie. It’s good to see you.” Troy’s tone was friendly but not encouraging. “We were just about to leave.” He put his arm around the blonde and pulled her close. “This is Emmaline. Emmaline, meet Melanie. She’s an old friend of mine.”

“Aah, an old lover you mean. I have a hard time believing you are ‘friends’ with any woman.” Emmaline’s laugh floated in the air like tinkling crystal. “I have to admit, Troy, you have great taste in lovers.”

Melanie blinked. Not quite the reaction she had anticipated. Troy seemed a bit, well, shocked. She held out her hand to Emmaline. “I’m pleased to meet you.”

Emmaline grasped her hand and shook it. Held it longer than necessary. Trailed a manicured fingernail across Melanie’s palm as she released it. An unexpected tremor reverberated through Melanie’s body.

“Let’s blow this place.” Troy tugged on Emmaline’s arm.

“In a minute.” Emmaline turned her attention to Melanie again. “Come with us. It’ll be fun. You don’t mind, do you, Troy?”

Troy winked at Melanie. “Absolutely not.”

An hour later, Melanie found herself in Emmaline’s luxurious bedroom. On her hands and knees. Naked. Her mouth full of Troy. Emmaline had insisted she have the first turn at him. Troy reclined on an upholstered chair, his hands fisted in Melanie’s auburn hair.

Emmaline was not caressing Troy. Oh, no, not by a long shot. Her hands. Her mouth. All over Melanie. Nails traced Melanie’s vertebrae. Scorching lips kissed the dimple at the base of her spine. Melanie’s sumptuous breasts hung hot and heavy, the nipples extended, begging for attention…any attention.

Emmaline shifted so she was behind Melanie. She urged Melanie’s legs apart with her own. She ran a teasing finger through the cleft in Melanie’s ass. Melanie lurched forward in delight and moaned around the burgeoning flesh in her mouth.

Troy grunted his appreciation.

“That’s it, hun.” Emmaline purred. “Show me how much you love what I’m doing.”

Emmaline dipped her finger between Melanie’s slick folds and found her clit. Melanie whimpered and hunched her bottom downward. Troy’s hands tightened in her hair as his thrusts quickened. Melanie shivered as carnal tremors ravaged her body from mouth to pussy. Hot waves of pleasure pulsed in unending waves through her.

“You’re so wet, hun.” Emmaline penetrated Melanie with one slim finger.

“Mmmm,” was all Melanie could mutter. She swiveled her hips around the teasing digit.

“Yes, Melanie. Swing that sweet ass for me.” Emmaline added another finger and probed. Found that oh-so-sensitive spot. Stroked. “Swing it and I’ll take you to heaven.”

Melanie shuddered. Oh, god, this woman knows how to play me, knows how to make my body sing.

Emmaline’s voice lowered. “Troy, don’t come yet. Hold off. Draw it out.”

Melanie marveled that Troy’s cock swelled harder at Emmaline’s words. She hadn’t seen this side of Troy. Does he like being told what to do? She took him deeper into her mouth and sucked. Is that why he grew tired of me?

Thoughts of Troy disappeared when soft lips closed around her clit. Oh, God. Who would have thought a woman would make me feel like this?

Her toes curled. Her hips dropped and her spine curved. Melanie tumbled into the abyss of pleasure. Time stood still. Her body jerked with spasm after spasm of delirious pleasure as Emmaline tongued her to completion. She was vaguely aware of Troy’s shout of exultation as he came.

Melanie woke the next morning with an exhausted grin on her face. A familiar warmth stirred in her loins. She glanced downward. Her legs were spread wide apart. Emmaline held her gaze as she slowly lapped at Melanie’s pussy.

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