That Ain’t My Truck

Jake had closed the hood on his old ‘70 Chevy pickup when he heard a diesel truck coming up the drive.

“Jacob, you there?” He heard the sound of boots on gravel headed toward the garage.

“Yeah, Pops,” Jake answered. Now what was the old busybody up to?

“Hope you treat your woman as good as that bucket of bolts.” Jacob Sr. chuckled at his own joke. “I heard you got a new truck.” He reached into his back pocket for his can of chew, popped a wad in between gum and lip.

“Nah, still driving Gramps’ truck. Who told you I bought a new one?”

His dad shrugged and went on, “You still seeing that Hollister gal?”

“On and off. You know how it is.” Pops had hit on a sore subject. Jake sighed. “She wants to get married.”

“And you? What do you want?” Pop’s piercing blue eyes met Jake’s.

“I keep telling her I ain’t ready to settle down. She can’t get it through her head.”

“Don’t worry, son. I think she gets it.” Pops headed back to his truck. “Yep, she gets it, alright.”

Jake hurried after him. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

The old man paused, pursed his lips and spat an amber projectile on the ground near Jake’s foot. He looked at the dark clouds gathering. “You better get that truck in the garage ‘fore it starts to rain.” He turned back to his son. “Figure it out, boy.” He left.

Jake walked back to the house, cursing his dad for talking in circles. He paused mid-stride, shook his head. She wouldn’t do that. Would she? It had only been two weeks since he and Jesse had argued.

“Shit!” Jake’s scowl was as thunderous as the sky.

There was only one way to find out. He stomped across the front porch. The screen door slammed behind him as he stormed into the house. Keys. Where are my goddamn keys? Oh, yeah…pocket.

The wheels on the old Chevy spewed gravel as he left his place and headed for the highway. It took him about twenty minutes to drive the distance to Jesse’s house. A brand new dually pickup was parked in front of her house; its fire engine red color fed his anger.

He pounded on her door. Listened. Pounded again. Hollered her name loud enough for the whole town to hear. “Jesse!”

The door opened to reveal Jesse standing there, her brow furrowed in puzzlement. “Jake? What’s the matter? Jake?”

He bulled past her, into the house. “Where is he?” No one was at the kitchen table.

“Where is who? Jake, have you gone loco?”

Jake threw open her bedroom door. Empty. Damn right. Bathroom. Empty.

“What are you looking for?” Jesse was right behind him, step for step.

He whirled around. “Don’t play games with me, Jesse.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about. You’re not making sense, Jake.”

He grabbed Jesse’s arm, stomped back to the kitchen and pointed out the window.

“Whose truck is that? It sure as hell ain’t mine. And nobody else better park their damn truck here but me.”

A smile lit up Jesse’s face. “You’re jealous.” She pulled a chair from the table, poked a finger in his chest and then pointed at the chair. “You need to sit down and shut up.”

For the first time since he arrived, Jake noticed how pretty Jesse looked in her yellow summer dress, her dark brown hair gathered up off her neck. She pointed at the chair again. He sat.

She pulled up her skirt and sat astride him…took off his battered Stetson…ran her hands through his hair.

“Now, do I have your attention?” She wriggled her bottom for emphasis. “Are you ready to listen?”

Hell, at least part of him was paying attention and ready for action. He nodded and lied, “I’m listening.”

“That red dually out there is my dad’s new truck. I’m keeping an eye on it while he’s out of town.”

Jake was keeping an eye on the enticing curves above the low neckline of her dress. He undid the top button of her bodice. She slapped his hand. He noticed she didn’t button it back up.

“You big oaf, don’t you know you are the one that sets my blood afire?” She took his face between her hands and kissed him…sweetly…possessively…hungrily. Then it was a race to see who could undo each other’s buttons faster.

He lifted her breasts from the cups of her lace bra. Jesse moaned as he ran his rough thumbs across her straining nipples before suckling one, then the other. He reached under her dress and tugged aside her wisp of a panty. She was slick and wet as he slipped a finger inside, then two. She leaned back, palms on his knees…rocking back and forth on his hand. His thumb caressed her hard little nubbin until she cried out in ecstasy.

The storm continued to rage outside while Jake carried Jesse to the bedroom. He undid his belt buckle, lowered his jeans and parked his truck where it damn well belonged.

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