Blown Away

It was two in the morning when Angie crept down the dark dormitory hall toward Jason’s room, shoes in hand, quiet as a mouse. She had driven back to the campus a day early from winter break for some alone time with Jason. She stifled a giggle as she thought how surprised he would be when she crawled into bed with him.

Angie inserted her key in the door and turned it a fraction of an inch at a time until it opened. She ducked inside and closed the door behind her. Jason snored softly, unaware of her presence. Angie disrobed in seconds and slipped in naked beside him. Mmmm, his back felt so nice and warm against her bare breasts. Her nipples puckered at once…she couldn’t believe how horny she was…it had been a couple of weeks since they were last together.

He stirred as she snuggled close. Angie was in luck. Jason was as naked as she. Her right hand trailed down his side, past his hips and teased his flaccid penis. It didn’t stay that way long. His cock stirred. Twitched. Stretched.

“Wake up, sleepyhead,” Angie murmured as she nibbled one ear while continuing to stroke his burgeoning manhood. “One part of you is already up.”

Jason moaned and turned over on his back, one arm and a part of his pillow flopping across his face. He wasn’t totally asleep though. The cock in her hand was standing straight and true. Angie threw off the confining blankets and moved between his legs.

Jason’s hips arched upwards as she took him in her mouth. The head was soft and satiny with a salty flavor. Angie ran her tongue around the edge and across the slit. His balls felt cool and heavy in her hand, ready for action. She began licking and nipping his length. She was amazed at how it could be so hard and soft at the same time.

Angie raised her head, allowing his cock to barely penetrate her lips and licked. Teased. Tasted. Sucked. She loved the taste of him and wanted more…much more. With one quick plunge, Angie took him past her soft lips, over her wet tongue and deep into the hot orifice of her mouth.

“Oh, god, yessss!” A guttural moan issued from underneath the pillow. “Don’t stop.”

There was no doubt Jason was awake now.

Angie could feel his cock throbbing, thrusting up, surging into her mouth as if it wanted to choke her. She took it…took it all…and loved it. Her lips sucked with a purpose, opening and closing, opening and closing around the enormous thickness of his cock. Her head twisted and turned from side to side as she worked at him, varying her stroke.

She closed her lips and tongue around his erection, dug her teeth in, sucked in quick, violent spurts as if daring him to come. Angie heard him exclaim “Jesus!” as he tried to grab her head. Jason seemed more excited, more vocal tonight than in the past. His cock filled her mouth, hard, demanding, intent on absorbing all she had to give.

He swiveled his hips in a circle, teasing her soft inner mouth with his cock, screwing himself further and further in, until it seemed he would ram right through her delicate tissues and plunge all the way down her throat. Angie gagged a bit as he forced his way forward, causing her to swallow more and more of his marauding cock. She recovered quickly and continued swallowing.

“Baby, you blow me away.” His voice was hoarse with arousal.

Jason had never praised her like that before. Angie redoubled her efforts at his compliment. Her purpose had changed. She sucked him because it aroused her. The taste and feel of him sent messages straight to her core, her pussy pulsing and wet with excitement. His eagerness set off an answering wanton hunger in her.

She had to have him in her. Now.

She raised herself on her knees, swung one leg gracefully over his body and then the other, positioning herself above him. Angie straddled his pelvis and began to undulate, weaving a magic circle with her hips. She stopped moving, concentrated on her own pleasure, her wetness coating and preparing his cock as she slid along his erection.

In one quick motion, she impaled herself mercilessly on his hard length. Their pelvises ground together in a frenzied rhythm as old as time, cock meeting pussy, their bodies drenched with perspiration.

“Now,” she said. She slammed down one final time as he arched up, his cock filling her to the hilt. She cried out as she came, felt him tense and throb as his warm seed erupted deep inside her. She rode him hard as they finished.

Jason turned on the lamp next to the bed. She blinked furiously.

“Babe, I don’t know who you are but you sure are one fine fuck!”

“You…you aren’t Jason,” she stated the obvious as she stared at the stranger looking up at her.

“Not hardly. I’m Derek, Jason’s new roommate. And you are one hell of a welcome wagon!”

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