Lanie hustled to get everything set up for the big game. Greg’s favorite NFL team had made it into the playoffs…finally. He’d invited a bunch of his buddies over to watch it with him. Not that Lanie cared, but, hey, she wanted to make Greg happy. She had gone all out; orange and blue decorations were everywhere in their small apartment, even purchased one of those life size posters of Greg’s favorite quarterback, now retired. But once a fan of number 7, always a fan. She wore an old orange jersey with a large 7. Now she just had to get through the next three hours without being bored out of her mind.

“Hey, babe, I have a surprise for you.” Greg had a small package in his hand, complete with ribbon and bow. “I want to give it to you before the guys arrive.”

Lanie looked at Greg suspiciously. “It’s not my birthday or anything.” She was more puzzled when Greg’s face turned a bit red.

Inside the package was an egg-shaped device with a small cord attached and a miniature remote control device. Lanie’s face grew hot.

“Is this what I think it is?”

“Yep! It’s a remote control vibrator.” Greg grinned unabashedly. “I know you don’t care much for football so I thought of something to keep you entertained.” He continued. “Go put it in so we can try it out.” He held up the remote. “It’s supposed to have a range of 25 feet.”

A few minutes later Lanie stuck her head out of the bedroom. “Okay, try it. It’s in.” She jumped a bit when that darn thing started humming away. She smiled. It actually did work. And it was quiet. She returned to Greg.

“It has up to seven speeds,” Greg explained, “and fits in my pocket. I was thinking I’d turn it on every time we score. It’ll be fun.”

The doorbell rang. As she went to let the first guest in, Greg turned it on again. It was all she could do to keep a straight face. Then he turned it off. They smiled at each other – grinning like two kids doing something naughty. The rest of the guys arrived in time for the game.

She was in the kitchen getting a few beers when she felt the vibration again. This time was a bit more intense. She gripped the kitchen counter and enjoyed the little twinges of lust it generated. Oh, my, she thought. Then it turned off again.

“Did we score?” she inquired as she brought the beers out.

“No, babe. Our defense got a sack though.” Greg said with a conspiratorial grin.

So that’s the way it was going to be. Perhaps Greg was more interested in this new game than in the football game.

Lanie was bent over getting clothes out of the dryer when the egg started vibrating again. Her body reacted immediately this time, as if it had been waiting for the stimulation. She caught her breath. Her nipples puckered. She had just started to think…don’t stop…when it did. Damn.

The next time it went off, Lanie was sitting down. Ooh, the sensations were different this way – more intense. She squeezed her legs together…mmmm, better yet. She relaxed in the chair, concentrating on the little hum and the delicious tremors emanating from her pussy and spreading through her body.

She wanted to savor…every…little…buzz…until…it…stopped. Crap.

Lanie glanced at a mirror on her way back to the living room. Her faced was flushed. She appeared over-heated. Appeared? Hell, she was over-heated but not from the temperature in the room. As if on cue, it started up again. At a higher speed. Oh, God, what sweet torment. Her nipples were pebble-hard. Her breathing quickened.

Come…on…don’t…stop. Damn.

She made her way back to the living room. “Anyone want a beer?” Of course they did. She caught Greg’s eye and he followed her to the kitchen.

Lanie whispered to Greg, “What setting do you have that on now?” He held up four fingers. Lanie moaned. She told Greg, “I’m about ready to let you fuck me right here in this kitchen.”

He grabbed her hand and placed it on his groin. She could feel his erection. “It’s turning me on knowing how hot you must be getting. I see you walk by with your face all flushed and I get harder.” He reached under her jersey and tweaked a nipple. Lanie whimpered. Greg grinned. “Just wait until we hit the last two speeds.” He went back out to watch the game.

The vibration started again. Five. Lanie gripped the kitchen counter. She could feel her insides clenching around that little tormentor inside her. More…I need more.

The hum increased in intensity. This must be a six. Oh, God…oh, God…don’t stop this time. It didn’t. Lanie inched towards the precipice. Her entire body was twitching in undisguised ecstasy. Greg hit speed seven. She cried out as she toppled over the edge.

“Touchdown!” High fives ensued in the living room.

Ten minutes later it started again.

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